If you need a true desert mule deer we have a great opportunity to get you a good one. We have a peak rut hunt on our Aoudad ranch in Dec - Jan. This hunt will require lots of hiking and glassing and a Aoudad and Javelina can be added on the hunt.

This is an action packed 3 day hunt on our 16,000 acre private ranch. You will look over lots of bucks and have numerous opportunities to take a trophy pronghorn. Once you kill your buck we will go to the prairie dog pasture where you can test your long-range shooting skills. Great hunt for kids, wives and the success has been 100% for 30+ years.

These are spot and stalk hunts on our High 7 Ranch where we live. We will use ATV’s and foot to get in bear country where we will glass until a bear is spotted. We will come back to our ranch house each evening for a good meal and relax around the fireplace. Success has been 100%.

We live only two hours from where the Oryx live on White SandsMissileRange and the Ibex on the Florida mountains. We can fully guide and outfit for each one

Javelina are fun to hunt and make an interesting addition to any trophy room. They can be taken in combination with an aoudad or desert muley. Bring a pistol or bow to add more excitement!